Why I'm Running

Modernizing Economic Development. Creating New Jobs.

I will work tirelessly to modernize our approach to economic development. I will cut red tape and lower taxes to bring new business to the city.

Increase Low Income Seniors Property Tax Credit

As Mayor, we will ensure seniors can stay in their own homes by increasing the low income seniors property tax credit from $400 to $600.

20% of Casino Revenue to Social Issues (currently 5%)

As Mayor, I will push to see a full 20 per cent of casino funds designated to addressing social issues in our city.

A Positive Culture at City Hall

As Mayor, Councillors with different views and opinions will be heard and debated, not shut out and ostracized. I will bring strong, collaborative leadership to move our city forward.

Cut the Red Tape

Why can builders and developers get their permits much quicker in surrounding municipalities? This needs to change if we want to see our city grow - and of course, growth helps keep our taxes low.